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The beginning

First the Iraqw people came to Ma'angwatay.
There are many stories about Ma'angwatay, that the elders know.
The people lived there under their chief Haymu Tipe.
Haymu Tipe had only one son. He was called Gemakw.

One day the young people of his tribe captured Gemakw and took him to an unknown place. Haymu Tipe got very angry and sent his men to look for his son.
After many days of searching Haymu Tipe got to know that his son was hidden in a secret place in the forest. The young men then told him: - Find some people for us to play and fight with, otherwise your son will die.

Haymu Tipe then called for the Barabaig people who lived in the neighbourhood. The Barabaig agreed to come to fight with the Iraqw.
Haymy Tipe now asked his people to bring back his beloved son, and Gemakw was brought to him.

A few days afterwards the Barabaig warriors arrived in the land of the Iraqw, and the fighting began. Many people, both Barabaig and Iraqw were killed, and Haymu Tipe made up his mind to flee. Early in the morning, before the first cock-crow, Haymu Tipe fled with his wife and his only son Gemakw. Some of his remaining men followed him to a place called Guser-Twalay. But there his son fell ill and died.

Haymu Tipe then set forth to the forest in the North, to a place called Qawirang. Haymu Tipe built his house and stayed there with his wife.

One day Haymu Tipe was grazing his cattle in the forest. He saw the valley that is called Mama Isara. But the valley was covered by a big lake. Hamu Tipe wondered if something could be done. After some days he sent some of his men to find a boy who was the only child in the family. The men walked for many days to the land of the Gorowa people and found a boy. His name was Moya.
They took Moya with them.

Chief Haymu Tipe, who was also a qwaslarmo, a medicine man, then gave Moya a magic stick. Haymu Tipe and some of the elders were standing at a distance from the water. The chief told the boy to go to the water and touch the water with the stick. Moya was worried of what was going to happen, but he did as he was told.

And there in front of Moya was a big tree called Ti'ita. Haymu Tipe told the boy to take the stick in his left hand and throw it at the tree.
Then suddenly the water flooded over him on all sides and swallowed him. The water rose over the ridge and flooded down in the plain below that is called Mbugwe.

The valley that was covered by the water is known to be first land of the Iraqw people.
This water from Mama Isara formed a big lake known as Lake Manyara. But the Iraqw people call the lake by another name. We call it Moya, for it is not only a lake, it is also the boy Moya.