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Loa and Netlangw.

Loa, the Sun, is the God of the Iraqw people.
Netlangw is the Evil one, who stays in rivers and lakes.

A long time ago, Loa and Netlangw were living together here on earth.
Loa was busy creating, an animal or a tree, all the time Netlangw came to destroy. He broke the legs of the animals or ruined the landscape, only to make things difficult.

One day Loa said to him:
- Go and fill this calabash with water, and remember not to come back before it is full, or else you will die.

Netlangw went down to the river and filled the calabash. But when he was half way back, the water had leaked out. He did not know that the calabash was full of holes.

In this way Netlangw went on, filling the calabash with water, over and over again. And in the meantime Loa was able to create in peace: Men and women, animals, plants and many other things.

When Loa had finished her work, she called Netlangw and asked him to come back
Netlangw saw everything that Loa had created and asked:
- I do not understand how you were able to create all this while I was away?
Loa answered:
- You were too slow. And that is why I was able to do this so well, as you can see.

But Netlangw began to mock Loa for her work. He threw dirt on everything and said that the work was not properly done. Netlangw suggested that they should create all anew, together.

But Loa was angry and did not agree on this evil and stupid proposal.
Loa said at last:
- I will now leave my home here on earth and you shall never see me again.
And till this very day Loa has dwelled in heaven and Netlangw in the water: In rivers, streams and lakes.