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Safari Ingi
A sayitaâ - How are you?

Lyrics from a CD
Bestill fra / Order from Bjørn-Erik Hanssen

SAFARI INGI comes from the small village of Bashay in northern Tanzania. In this part of East Africa manys tribes have traditionally met. Safari Ingi grew up with his grandmother, his father being a Barabaig pastoralist and his mother of Iraqw origin. His early years Safari spent working as a herdsboy, getting in touch with most aspects of African rural life. As a young man Safari Ingi decided to learn to play zeze, the calabash violin of the Iraqw people. By watching and listening to experienced musicians he taught himself to play. After twelve to fourteen years of playing, Safari Ingi today has become one of the leading interpretors of traditional Iraqw music. The source of Safari Ingi's music is African village life. The emphasis here is on the close community in the village, the extended family and on religious and mythological aspects of human life. Most of these songs are performed in Iraqw language, a tribal language 2-3000 years old, being one of the oldest languages in present Tanzania.

But Safari's music also has another side: Taking part in the building of modern society Safari Ingi also makes comments on daily life in the country as such with his songs sung in Swahili, the National language of Tanzania. These songs reach an even wider audience, and the name Safari Ingi often draws the really big crowds when performing on political rallies.

Take these songs, listen and learn from African wisdom of life, but remember: There is more where it all comes from; SAFARI INGI.

Recorded September 24-25th 1996, in Marit Garberg's private studio, Trondheim, Norway.
Recorded by Marit Garberg.
Song and zeze: Safari Ingi.
Guitar and flute: Marit Garberg.
All songs written by Safari Ingi.
Produced by Bjørn-Erik Hanssen, Kirkegt. 12 A, 7014 Trondheim, Norway
tlf +47 73 52 93 73.


Gar amohoo' i kah bara yamuwo

- (Nothing is easy in this world)
Chama cha Maendeleo
- (The party of progress)
Umuú gaaro
- (Everything)
Baba wetu wa Taifa
Manda do'Bayo
Ukicheza na dunia, dunia itacheza nawe!
- (If you play with the world, the world will play with you)
Ami Naamis Dede
Qeru Baba na Hanis
Sikay Dawi
Jambo la Maana
Boi irr Matayo
Kuungana Tanzania
- (To keep Tanzania as one)
Gwenga hhawata magaá?