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How the sky was separated from the earth

A long, long time ago the sky and the earth was not separated from each other like now. The distance between them was so small that every time a woman was to pound millet in her mortar, she had to ask:
- Sky, please lift yourself up so that I can work and use my mortar.
When the woman had finished her work she told the sky to come down, and it came down as before.

The same thing happened when a tall man was to walk outside. He had to ask:
- Sky, please lift yourself up, so I can walk outside.
When the man came home from his walk, the sky came down as before.

A man and a woman were living in these parts. After having had two children, the woman fell ill and died.
Lo'a, God, saw the grief of the husband and the children and gave them a promise:
She showed them a pasture of high, green grass and said that the woman was to be born again from this grass.
The father told his children to take good care of the pasture while it was growing.

The children watchted the grass closely and every day they poured some milk over it.

Some days later the father woke up and saw a strange woman with his children. The father married the woman, but she did not get to know anything of Lo'a's promise.

The new wife was very jealous of the children, because she had no children of her own. When her husband was away, she often used to mistreat them.

One day she called for the children and asked them to help her with the skinning of a calf. But the children did not answer. When she discovered that they were watching the pasture, she flew up in anger. Furiously she cried that she would put an end to their disobedience. She took a knife and cut off the grass.

In that very moment an arrow of blood shot out of the wound with great power. The blood reached Lo'a, who ascended and took the sky with her.

This was the way the sky and the earth as we know them today were created. And the colour of Lo'a's eye can still be seen when the sun sets in the evening.